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RC (Reverse Circulation) rods

Apageo offers you a selection of high quality RC (Reverse Circulation) rods to provide you with the best solutions for your exploration and grade control drilling. Our RC rods are known for their robustness, reliability, low wear and easy maintenance. They have been designed in the field and have been validated by drillers.

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Our range of RC rods consists of 2 patented models and the standard models on the market.

RC ARD Premium Stem

The 1st RC rod with the revolutionary Snap

  • The only RC rod with additional hardness treatment on the threaded ends for increased strength
  • The strongest thread on the market due to its increased load-bearing capacity
  • The only RC rods with simultaneous screwing on two threads, allowing the rods to be quickly connected and disconnected from each other.

The ARD thread is the strongest on the market, often lasting longer than the rod itself.
High elasticity of the cold drawn steel outer rod, and high strength alloy of the inner rod.
Better flow performance compared to all other RC rods.

ard premium rods

DR Premium rods

DR rods are manufactured by friction welding from high quality cold drawn tubes. They are by far the best single threaded RC rods on the market.

  • Fitted with a urethane seal instead of O-rings, eliminating the problems associated with the use of O-rings
  • Unique, heavy-duty single thread design
  • High elasticity of the cold drawn outer rod and high strength alloy of the inner rod
  • Lighter due to special material and design
  • Increased airflow performance, with a pressure drop of only 0.05B between connections!
rd prenium rods

Standard RC rods

Our standard models of high quality RC rods, METZKE, REMET, MATRIX and FABER, incorporate some of the specific features used for ARD and DR rods. These include:

  • Reduced O-ring problems with urethane seals 
  • Use of high quality materials and dedicated processing
  • Compatible with most existing designs.
standard ds rods


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