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Jet Grouting drilling equipment

Apageo offers a range of drilling equipment dedicated to Jet Grouting with its partner Sysbohr in Germany. Sysbohr have been specialising in Jet Grouting equipment for many years, with a wide range of standard equipment but also numerous possibilities for adaptation or specific technical characteristics, according to users' specifications or on the basis of advice regarding the requirements of particular sites.

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The Jet grouting process consists of creating a strong, load-bearing or watertight grout column formed by injecting a hardening cement grout mixed in situ with the destructured soil under high pressure.

The system therefore aims to break up soil at depth using a high pressure jet in a borehole and mix the eroded soil with a self-hardening grout to form columns, panels and other structures in the ground.

The process can be applied to all loose ground or soft rock, mainly for consolidation and under certain conditions for waterproofing: underpinning of buildings, watertight cut-off of dams, support of excavations, umbrella vaults for tunnels, consolidation sails for docks, etc.

Apageo in collaboration with its partner Sysbohr provides four main systems in Jet Grouting drilling:

  • Single rotary jet grouting equipment: 88.9 & 114
  • Jet Grouting single roto-percussion equipment: 88.9
  • Double Jet Grouting equipment: 76, 88.9 & 114
  • Triple Jet Grouting equipment: Consult us.

Each system includes a wide choice of nozzle diameters (including special diameters on request) as well as different possible springs for the regulation (high pressure resistance), in order to precisely meet the needs of the intended work. Sysbohr manufactures these materials in standard threads (cylindrical or conical) but special threads and/or designs can be considered. To complete the workshop, optional accessories useful for your machines and/or types of jobs can also be offered.


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