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Manufactured in our state-of-the-art production units to ensure an impeccable finish and the best quality, Apageo offers a wide range of pressuremeter drilling equipment to ensure that the drilling is well calibrated, essential for the proper performance of the tests, depending on the type of soil being drilled. You can thus carry out your pressuremeter drillings with all the adapted drilling methods.

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We offer you 6 main sets of tools to carry out your pressuremeter tests :

  • Hand auger set: With left-hand turn, 22 mm rods, keys and 63 mm hand augers
  • 63mm Auger Drill Set: 63mm Continuous (or Injection) Augers with 63.5mm Tool and Accessories
  • Rotary Injection Drill Set: Available with 42 or 50 or 60 or AWJ or BWJ rods, used with 63.5mm tricone or trilam or PDC tool, and accessories
  • Core drilling set: Optionally with 42 or 50 or 60 or AWJ or BWJ rods, used with T2 66 corer with carbide or diamond crown, and accessories
  • Off-hole roto-percussion drill set: R32 or R38 rods, used with cross or button cutters, in standard or retro profile, guide rod and accessories
  • Down-the-hole drilling set: Available with 42 or 50 or AWJ or BWJ rods, 1" down-the-hole hammer and 64 or 66mm drill bit, and accessories.

For heterogeneous soils, gravelly soils, loose soil and others where wall balance is not assured, the best method of drilling with a rotary percussion drill is STAF, which for even better performance can be used with a RotoSTAF® drill (see Useful Links).


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