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The 200kN Static Penetrometer is a versatile unit providing a wide range of applications. Its design ensures complete protection against shock (when handling rods) through two reinforced protective cylinders covering the thrust cylinders. This prevents damage to the push cylinders and also eliminates the risk of hydraulic leaks.

The space between each cylinder has been widened to facilitate rod handling. A robust push/pull bridge, integral with the protection cylinders, allows the use of all push/pull brake models, whether hydraulic or mechanical (for electrical CPT tests) and measuring heads (for mechanical CPT tests). The hydraulic rod brake, integrated in the drilling beam, is perfectly adapted for all static penetration tests and in particular for tests on barge as well as in low resistance soil for a better productivity and to avoid the loss of the rod string and the cone in the drilling.

The penetrometer's chassis allows for quick and easy installation on any type of support: barge, truck, trailer or alone (optional additional mounting system). The penetrometer is powered by a Hatz soundproofed diesel engine, mounted on a separate rigid chassis for safe and easy transport by crane or forklift. This unit is connected to the penetrometer by push-pull hoses.

All this equipment also forms the basis of the new 200kN penetrometer trailer model, so that the adaptation of this equipment to the trailer can be done later with ease.


Suitable for mounting on any type of support
CPT test up to 200kN
Integrated hydraulic rod brake.


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


2 hydraulic cylinders with protection cylinders with stroke of 1150 mm
Hydraulic control panel mounted on console next to the penetrometer
Robust anchor beam
Hydraulic rod brake integrated in the drill beam


HATZ 9.5 kW diesel engine.


Push / pull capacity: 200 kN
Push speed calibrated at 20 mm / sec for CPT testing
Speed (unloaded) 90 mm / sec up and 130 mm / sec down
Push speed can be calibrated between 15 - 25 mm / sec for CPT testing
Speed (unloaded) 140 mm / sec up and down


Data acquisition system (required for electrical CPT tests)
CPT rod rack with articulated arm for each section (for preparation of rods with cable), integrated on wheeled transport trolley.

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