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200kN static penetrometer on HUSKY trailer

200kN static penetrometer on HUSKY200 trailer, designed as a 2 in 1 equipment, the components being detachable for portability or installation on another carrier (barge, truck, etc...).

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The 200kN static penetrometer on trailer has been designed as a 2 in 1 equipment. It is on the one hand an easily transportable equipment thanks to its trailer and simple to use with its ergonomic working platform, and on the other hand it can be used in portable mode (all the components being detachable) for work on sites not allowing the access or the use of the trailer, or when the customer wishes to install it on another carrier or on a platform / barge for offshore work (near and off-shore). The complete trailer with all its components can also be manoeuvred by hoist and/or used directly on a platform/barge.

The design of this penetrometer offers complete protection against impact through the metal guards covering the thrust cylinders, thus eliminating the risk of hydraulic leaks. The larger working area makes it easier to operate, especially when handling rods. The push/pull bridge integrated into the penetrometer allows the use of all models of push/pull brakes, either hydraulic or mechanical (for electrical CPT tests) and measuring heads (for mechanical CPT tests).

The easily manoeuvrable single axle trailer is reinforced by a robust frame with 4 stabilising legs. With the central work platform, the operator has all controls within easy reach. CPT operations as well as the supply of the hydraulic anchoring system are controlled from the control panel.

The hydraulic rod brake, integrated in the drilling beam, is perfectly suited for all static penetration tests and especially for tests on barge and in low-strength soil for better productivity and to avoid the loss of the drill string and cone in the borehole.

The optional waterproof and swivel-mounted protective housing for the PC and data acquisition system ensures that reliable CPT(u) tests can be carried out even under the most difficult climatic conditions.

The penetrometer, hydraulic unit and rod rack can be detached from the trailer for portable use. A kit including mounting brackets for the penetrometer, a wheeled trolley for the rod rack and quick-connect hydraulic hoses to connect the penetrometer to the hydraulic system, makes this system highly versatile.


2 in 1 equipment: integrated components on trailer and detachable for use on any other support (barge, truck, etc...)
Easy transport
CPT test up to 200kN
Integrated hydraulic rod brake


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


Single axle road trailer with overrun brake, suspensions, mudguards and lighting, including reinforced chassis with working platform which integrates all components
200kN penetrometer: 2 hydraulic cylinders with 1150 mm stroke protection
Control panel mounted on panel next to the penetrometer
Hydraulic rod brake integrated into the drilling beam
Rod rack
Anchoring augers (430 or 330 mm)


Soundproofed 1-cylinder HATZ diesel engine with 9.5 kW at 2,800 rpm.


Push / pull capacity: 200kN
Push speed calibrated at 20 mm / sec for CPT testing
Speed (unloaded) 90 mm / sec up and 130 mm / sec down
Push speed can be calibrated between 15 - 25 mm / sec for CPT testing
Speed (unloaded) 140 mm / sec up and down


Data acquisition system (required for electrical CPT tests)
Waterproof, swivel-mounted protective case for PC and data acquisition system
Transport trolley for rod rack
Additional anchor beams.

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