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The GeoBOX® is the essential tool to accompany you on your sites. This central acquisition unit designed and developed by Apageo, integrates a unique software intelligence, allowing you to capture or acquire geotechnical data instantly on your different equipment: Pressuremeter (standard or auto controlled), drilling parameters, penetrometer, compaction control and Lugeon.

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The GeoBOX® is the central unit for monitoring and data acquisition of all your geotechnical works. The GeoBOX® is designed with a rugged tablet  on which many applications and supervision software run. Multifunctional, the GeoBOX® allows you to conduct various geotechnical reconnaissance workshops by means of installable applications, presented in a user-friendly interface. Your data is thus centralised on a single medium allowing almost instantaneous exploitation of the results.

The GeoBOX® works in connection with your various equipment in the field:

  • Automatic Pressuremeter Control-Unit  with  our range of auto controlled pressuremetersGeoPAC® and HyperPAC®
  • Recording of manual Pressuremeters tests with GeoSPAD® 2 (sensors and communication box integrated in the standard Menard Pressuremeter and VHP 140 bar)
  • Recording of drilling parameters with Explofor® 3 & 4 (compatible with all types of hydraulic drilling rigs)
  • Recording of dynamic Pressuremeter tests with Apadyn®.
  • Control of the permeability test and acquisition with the LugeoTEST®.

Once the recording is finished, the data are saved on the GeoBOX® for an indefinite period. They can be edited directly on the GeoBOX® remote printer (GeoBOX® Premium version), copied on a USB key and processed by the GeoVISION® software. An optional 4G modem can also be activated to transfer data between the site and the office. Other options are available to enhance the collection of information.

New features are now available: Manual input. These allow you to digitally collect the various geotechnical data directly in the field, thus saving time, simplifying processing and ensuring that the data is secure. We offer 4 manual input modules:

  • Parameters: to enter the lithology of a borehole. This functionality is included with the Explofor® 3 & 4. If coupled with the 4G modem option, allows you to increase and customise the list of parameters (water level, equipment, casing etc.)
  • Pressuremeter tests: input of the data (pressure, volume) of the pressuremeter test, if using a CPV without sensors.
  • Penetrometric tests: input of the penetrometric test data (e.g. number of blows/20cm), especially for PDB and/or SPT tests
  • Lugeon tests: data input (pressure, volume) of the Lugeon test.

Just like data recorded directly with equipment, any manual input becomes a computer file, analysed and processed by our Geovision® software.

Finally, the new Mission Module can be integrated into the GeoBOX®. It allows the engineer to create in advance on the Geovision® software his missions (worksites) with a rich and customizable content (type of soundings, numbers, depth, location of the worksite, etc...) and then to send this information in a mission file on the GeoBOX®. The sounder receives the mission at the start of his GeoBOX®, and thus visualises the work to be done. He can also launch applications (EXPLOFOR®, GEOPAC®, etc.) and tests directly configured according to the mission information. The results and data from the mission are then transferred back to Geovision®.


Extremely robust and resistant (IP67 case, reinforced to withstand falls), the GeoBOX® is particularly well suited to worksite situations. Wireless, it communicates automatically in WIFI with the various peripheral equipment thanks to an on-board electronic card, but can also work in wired mode if necessary.

Two Geobox® packages are available:

  • The Premium pack with its K80G2 tablet and charging accessories, a thermal printer, a USB key and an IP65 case
  • The Basic package without printer and accessories (which includes the pdf edition option to get the test data to print if needed).


Robust: shock and drop resistant
Waterproof: fully protected against dust and water
Ergonomic and easy to hold
Larger, outdoor-readable, anti-glare touchscreen
Faster processor


  • Manual pressuremeter test with GeoSPAD®2
  • Automated pressuremeter test with GeoPAC® and HyperPAC® for high pressure
  • Drilling parameters with Explofor
  • Penetrometric test with Apadyn®.
  • Permeability test with LugeoTEST®.
  • Manual input of parameters, pressuremeter tests, penetrometer tests and Lugeon
  • Management of worksite missions.


4G Modem
Drill and pressure gauge mounting bracket
Wired link
Additional battery for printer
PDF ticket editing
Instant messaging & synchronisation with Geovision


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