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Apafor® 800 Multipurpose FS300-Explo drilling rig

Multipurpose drill rig for deep drilling in both air RC and core drilling, ideal for high productivity mining exploration.

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The Apafor® 800 Multipurpose FS300-Explo is a drilling machine created in close collaboration with two other drilling partners to offer the most complete and efficient multipurpose drilling machine (RC & core) on the market. This drilling machine is also suitable for rotary and down-the-hole hammer drilling or auger drilling.

This makes it a "2 in 1" machine, where usually 2 different machines are needed to perform RC drilling on one side and deep core drilling on the other. The standard version is designed for RC drilling to about 400 metres and core drilling to more than 1000 metres (depending on the defined diameters). However, other technical features can be considered for shallower projects and thus lower cost.

There is also a choice of configuration: on a crawler or on a truck (all makes can be considered).

A wide range of additional equipment integrated on the drill rig can be offered, including various hydraulic handling systems for rods and pipes, as well as a number of options including the integration of an RC compressor and/or cyclone on the chassis.


The most complete and powerful multi-functional drilling machine on the market
Truck mounted (any type, tropicalised on request) or crawler mounted
A variety of integrated additional equipment and options for a completely self-contained unit for both RC and core drilling
Several handling systems offering high productivity, operator comfort and safety


Thanks to these unique features, this probe has several possible areas of application:

  • RC air drilling
  • Water/mud core drilling
  • Rotary drilling
  • Down-the-hole hammer drilling
  • Auger drilling.


Welded chassis integrated into the carrier
4 hydraulic stabilisation cylinders
Control via integrated control panel or articulated arm or optional radio control


Power: 304 HP (without on-board compressor option) or 630 HP (with on-board compressor option)
6 cylinders, turbocharged with aftercooler
For markets outside Europe: Stage III A, Tier 3 engine (suitable for tropical environments)


Torque: 0 to 1361 daNm
Speed: 0 to 1250 rpm
Pulling force: 18,000 daN
Head carriage travel speed: 40m/min.



(Some can be adapted and/or removed on request)

Drilling mast for use with 6m pipe/rod (lower mast possible if desired)
Hydraulic push/pull control system with various adjustment and safety valves as well as memory for pushing force
Hydraulic side shift to the left and right and hydraulic tilting device for drilling head through two hydraulic cylinders
Conversion kit for RC drilling, with hydraulic chuck system for handling RC pipe. Double rod brake with hydraulic guiding and centring assembly via cylinders mounted above the upper brake to improve inclined drilling
Sediment and dust ejection protection system
Manoeuvring winch 7 700 daN on 1st layer, Speed: 60 m/min, 50 meter cable
Wireline winch 800 daN capacity on 1st layer, Speed: 240 m/min, 1000 meter cable
Triplex FMC piston injection pump for water and drilling mud : Flow rate: 200 litres / minute - Pressure: 70 bars
High pressure injection pump with piston: Flow rate: 15 Litres/min - Pressure: 150 bars - With 10m hose and gun
Automatic hydraulic handling system for rods or pipes, equipped with hydraulic clamps with sectioning valves and accumulators for solid and secure holding of rods or pipes, combined with a rod rack (standard configuration for 40 rods 4''1/2 RC of 6.00m, other on request)
Standard version for vertical drilling and additional version for inclined drilling (with memorisation of the position of the hydraulic arm according to the inclination).


Additional telescopic arm system for the Automatic Hydraulic Handling System with lateral offset (500mm) and wider lowering (800mm to the ground) for handling and loading of rods/tubes not stored on the drill rack.

On-board compressor, including :

  • Longer and wider chassis for compressor integration
  • 630 HP drill motor (instead of 304 HP) to power the drill and compressor
  • Standard air compressor: Flow rate: 27,000 l/min
  • Pressure: 30 bar (other possibilities on request)
  • Line lubricator with adjustable lubrication.

Complete RC drilling cyclone, integrated on the drill rig, installed on a 180° rotating arm and hydraulically adjustable in height.
RC baffle for cuttings separation and sampling.
Explofor® and Geobox® drilling parameters management and recording system. Quadruplex FMC piston injection pump for water and drilling mud.

Specific options and technical features different from the above can also be offered.


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