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Wireline core barrel

Apageo offers the Wireline B WL, N WL, H WL, P WL and S WL (commonly known as the Q Series) with their associated Wireline rods, crowns and all accessories for these corers. With modern production facilities, we guarantee you products of impeccable quality, available and compatible with international standards.

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The advantage of wireline coring over traditional coring lies mainly in the fact that the inner tube containing the sample can be retrieved (with the retrieval clamps / Overshot and a specific wireline winch) without having to pull up all the rods. This offers considerable and increasing time savings depending on the depth. As the equipment is more expensive, drilling companies generally consider that this method becomes profitable from a depth of about 50 metres. It is therefore the basic equipment for mineral exploration and deep geotechnical projects.

Another special feature is that each Wireline Core Drill must be used with its own associated drill string. In contrast to conventional corers, it is therefore not possible to use different rods for the same corer. The H WL corer can only be used with H WL rods, the P WL corer with P WL rods, etc.

Wireline corers are standard double corers, they can be converted to triple corers by exchanging the stop ring, extractor, extractor holder and crown. The sample is collected in a plastic sheath (to avoid handling the sample) or in a split half-shell tube (to be placed in a core box), either of which is placed inside the corer.

Apageo supplies Wireline core barrels, Wireline rods and associated crowns as well as all spare parts and accessories. Our large stock enables us to meet your urgent requirements and your deadlines.


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